[God’s Golden Ring and Romantic Morocco Picnic Date] Sun Eclipse

  • 2020-06-15

[God Golden Ring and Romantic Morocco Picnic Date]

There is only one chance in this life, miss and wait another 195 years!

A feast that belongs to nature, in #金东沙美的 Morocco, let's have a picnic together to see the rare sky!

Dear friends, although the weather is hot, you will have to wait another 195 years if you miss this time!

We specially invited the American Little Sweetspot Cello Team, Jinsha Junior High School Teacher Xu Yuhan, and Golden Gate Watercolor Painter Yang Tianze

On June 21 (Sunday), everyone can bring their own picnics and viewing equipment to the scene. Try not to look directly so as not to hurt your eyes. Of course, we also prepared refreshments from Changhe Cake Shop to share with you.

6/21 Itinerary------------------------------------


The American Cello Performance


Stories of traditional refreshments at Kinmen Changhe Cake Shop


Sands Junior High School teacher Xu Yuhan's eclipse commentary and pinhole imaging DIY experience


Yang Tianze Lane gets a sketch, and interested friends can come with their painting tools!

Organizers: Jinsha Town Office, Jice Internet Marketing Co., Ltd.

Co-organizers: Changhe Cake Shop, Daqian Gallery

Supporting units: American small, Eastern Jiuzang, Sands Junior High